I am a forensic psychologist, which means that I apply my education, training, and experience in clinical psychology to help answer legal questions. (The word forensic means legally-related.)

I specialize in VA (Veterans Affairs) compensation and pension exams (C&P exams, also known as VA claim exams), but I also have extensive experience in other work-related cases and criminal evaluations.

VA compensation and pension exam reports usually include one or more expert witness opinions, and are therefore also known as “IME”, “nexus letter“, “independent exam”, “medical opinion needed”, etc. (I am not a physician. VA refers to expert witness opinions by psychologists and audiologists as “medical” opinions.)

I encourage veterans to first consult with a Veterans Service Officer (especially for original claims), VA-accredited Claims Agent, or veterans law attorney (especially if you are appealing your claim), because those professionals provide invaluable assistance.

I have extensive information for veterans and their family members on my blog:

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Services Offered:Independent Medical Examinations / Evaluations, Records Review, Expert Witness


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